Hello and welcome to the DCALDAV website!

So what is dCaldav?

dCaldav is a lightweight, read-only caldav Drupal calendaring client. It comes as a Drupal 6 module with a block included.

dCaldavIt enables you to publish your caldav diary entries on to your Drupal website. So for instance, you have a collection of calendaring events pertaining to your business life, your personal life, or your favourite football team, then you can publish these events on your Drupal site! These events need to be held on a caldav/webdav server such as Google Calendars, OSAF Cosmo, DAViCal, Zimbra or Scalix (not an exhaustive list).

By installing the module, and setting a few system paramters, you can easily publish these events as a list on your webste, and the events in the list can be selected individually. Furthermore, there is a block available enabling a snapshot of upcoming events positioned in a number of positions on any page, or even with customisation, anywhere you desire. An example of this can be seen on the News page - using a customised position. For personal, non-commercial use, dCaldav is free, although if you are feeling flush and would like to make a small donation, it would be much appreciated and help pay for my hosting and internet costs. Even a couple of pounds / dollars / euros would help me and I would be extremely thankful. If you would like to remove my copyrght notices from the code, then I do ask for a modest minimum donation (see downloads page) - and don't forget to send me a url to your site so I can cross-reference it against your name. For commercial use, you need to purchase a license from me. Drop me a line with your requirements and I will give you a quote. Before you download, please read the license notes on the downloads page as I do reserve some of my rights and the product is NOT GPL / public domain. Thanks for stopping by! Have fun!

Demo Collections

This site contains a few demonstration event collections which show the functionality of dCaldav, my lightweight caldav reading Joomla component. To access the demonstration screens, click one of the items listed in the demo menu on the right of the screen. dCaldav also comes in block format, and this can be seen by clicking News off the main menu.